borderline – double bind exhibition february 2018

For Double Bind 2018, sixteen artists were invited to participate and randomly assigned one of the group whose artistic practice they will be responding to.

My response is to the work of Danica Karaicic. In conversations about her artistic practice I was intrigued by her concepts addressing how layers of clothing and architecture can change who and how we are in the world. This led me to consider the idea of borders and boundaries – arbitrary watersheds that have differing, and sometimes contrary realities, separated by physical, intellectual or emotional barriers.

This is of particular interest to me in the context of who we think we are and what we think is ours.

An altered reality is viewed through a peephole in a door, as in life, context and perceived reality change depending on which side of the door we stand.

Borderline – Image credit Trent Griffiths and Nick Waddell


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